17 Janvier 2018 Mercredi

When we traveled together in October to Southern France, Kathleen and I had established a pattern or going out and about to explore one day, and having a quieter day resting at home the next. So Wednesday was our day to stay at our cottage and in the Village of Pointe du Bout. Kathleen makes morning coffee and buys fresh baguettes from the Baguette Shop. We eat bread and cheese or fruit for breakfast, bread and cheese and salami or ham for lunch. Kathleen cooks dinner, and I wash dishes. I also sweep the floor when motivated (sand gets tracked in on the tile floors). There is a small front load washer in the kitchen. Today I decided to wash my bottom twin sheet, as I’d been here a week and would wake up sweating if I turned off the AC or didn’t have the windows open (which I distrust, as I am fearful of mosquitos getting in). There are clothes lines in the sun porch area (which the bathroom is off of). I had bought clothes pins at the Carrefour. I am so short I have to stand up on a chair to reach the line to attach the garments, but I can pull the garment lower to take off the clothespin and remove it from the line. I took my new beach chair to the Pointe du Bout beach in the morning, and down to the Ains Mitan beach in the late afternoon. Kathleen chose to stay on the porch at the cottage, alternately reading and working on her quilting. In the afternoon we each had naps. I discovered when visiting elderly parents 15 years ago that naps as an adult were quite nice, and helped to make up for the ferocious intensity with which I tend to live the rest of my life. Kathleen finished reading all 3 books she had brought we her, and began re-reading them. She lent me her Frances Mayes book Under Magnolia, which has reminisces about her childhood in George, but I don’t’ find it as engaging as Under the Tuscan Sun. Mays relates various memories without as much analytical review as I wanted – like reporting her father’s temper and the whippings she got on her egs with a switch from out back, but not thinking through how her father came to be like this. Kathleen and I keep making ourselves virgin mojitos with tonic water, syrop de mojito and ice cubes. I fill my plastic glass with a top several times a day with a fresh drink mixture, sometimes adding lime slices. Quinine water was originally used as a defense against malaria. Kathleen has taken to teasing me about drinking so much quinine water that I’ll be impervious to malaria for life. This night was leftover night. Although we’d thought about going out for ice cream for dessert, we were really full. We claimed that we didn’t need glacee because we are both heavier than we’d like to be, but the real reason we didn’t go out again was that we were too lazy! It is good to be 66 years old and not have to rush about and get out and do things like when we were younger!


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