AuRevoir, Martinique

My flight out of the Lamentin Airport was scheduled to leave at 8:05 AM. Although I didn’t think I needed to be at the airport 3 hours early for an International flight like at JFK, I thought I’d better allow time to leave the apartment, drive to Lamenting, including a stop to fill the gas tank, park and go through security. So I packed the night before, and woke up by 4:30 AM (after being woken up at 2:30 AM by the darn roosters crowing) so I could leave by 5:00 AM.

I filled up with gas when I got to N5 at Trois Rivieres, because there was a 24/7 station. I made it to the airport by 5:40 AM, but couldn’t figure out where to drop off the rental car. I remembered that the rental places didn’t open until 7:00 AM, and thought I was supposed to drop off the car there, but had a hard time maneuvering through the round-about to get to where I could see a Budget sign. After nearly 30 minutes of circling around, I finally got to the Avis Rental Car place, but it was gated and locked. Cars were left outside, so I left mine too. A Chinese American dropped his car off next to mine and we wondered at having to walk with our suitcases all the way back to the airport main terminal. At the closed car rental counter I dropped off the keys wrapped in a copy of my rental reservation, with an explanation as to where exactly I’d parked the car.  ONLY LATER DID I DISCOVER THE HALF SHEET OF PAPER I’D APPARENTLY BEEN GIVEN SAYING TO RETURN THE CAR TO THE PAID PARKING LOT IN FRONT OF THE TERMINAL.  Oh well.

Going through security was quick, and it turns out I could have waited till the car rental places opened to return my car, still made it through security and still boarded my flight on Norwegian on time. I’d thought there’d be a place to get coffee and breakfast in the terminal, but the only place with café and croissants past security had a line.  So I didn’t have any breakfast before getting my drink as part of flight service.

The flight was about 4 1/2 hours direct to JFK. We flew over a couple of Caribbean islands – I have no idea which ones. I tried to get a photo of one of them – they were beautiful, surrounded by turquoise water in the midst of the dark blue ocean. During the flight I tried to catch up on my travel blog, since I’d not been able to get on WiFi but that once while in Pointe du Bout.

The plane landed early, going through customs went smoothly, and I called my daughter to make arrangements to meet her mid-town Manhattan about an hour before she expected me to be ready. Next time I go to Martinique, she really wants the Zika virus to be resolved so she can go with me. Moi, aussi!


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