Apres-midi et le soir dans Pointe du Bout


Back in my air-conditioned apartment I took a brief nap, then wandered out to the garden in back to sit in the sun for a bit. There are gorgeous verdant plants and exquisite flowers all around. I sat under the shelter of an overhead canopy.

The chickens were back in their coop, but later were allowed to roam free. The hens clucked and the roosters gave an occasional crow. More enjoyable was the chatter of the birds in the trees. The garden is sheltered, ringed with tall hedges and trees. The vegetation helps block some of the noise from the nearby road.

Late afternoon I went back to the Havana Café in Creole Village to order a crepe suzette Creole. Same very slow service, but when the crepe came out, it was humongous, had to be folded over to fit on the plate. It was delicious, incredibly sweet, thank goodness I don’t worry about blood sugar levels!

I also ordered what I thought was going to be fresh lemonade – citron.

The server brought me a glass with something at the very bottom that looked like maybe it was juice from a squeezed lemon, and 2 packets of sucre. I wondered what I was supposed to do, then he came back with a water pitcher. So I poured in the water, added the sugar, stirred and got my lemonade.

For the evening I changed out of my gauzy pants into my casual pants, and changed from walking shoes to flip flops. I walked down to cut through to the beach, and stopped again at the Barracuda restaurant, where I could sit in a chair facing the beach. This time I tried a pina colada, a sweet drink I’ve ordered sometimes. Good grief, again the rhum was overpowering. All I can think is that American drinks are skimpy on the alcohol, because this was the 3rd drink I’d tried that I didn’t even like because it was so heavy on the booze. I decided I needed to swear off mixed drinks while in Martinique – I evidently don’t have the taste for them.

It got gradually darker, and I loved looking across the water to the lights of Fort du France. After paying for my drink, I walked barefoot along the shore as far as I could, enjoying the feel of cool sand on my feet. Coming to the end, I walked back up to join the main road, passing a couple of classy restaurants. I hadn’t realized the road veered so far away from the beach at that point. I found the main drag and started back towards my apartment, stopping at a small grocery right before it closed. I bought 2 fruit juice drinks, a baguette and brie cheese. I thought about a bottle of wine, but have no way of opening it.


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