French Caribbean Winter Escape


I wasn’t supposed to be going on this trip by myself. It had been 8 years since my younger daughter & I had traveled to Scotland together. At the end of April, when she has a week off work, we planned to fly to Martinique. In January we bought tickets, paid for lodging, and were excited about our spring visit. She speaks fluent French; I love French breads, cheeses, desserts! But then WHO & the CDC put out travel warnings due to the mosquito carried Zika virus. My daughter is not expecting a baby, but in her 30s, she didn’t want to delay 2 years. So plans changed.

Except that, where I could get most of my money back through AirBnB for our rental, I was going to lose money on Norwegian Airlines if I cancelled outright. And since my daughter is not currently pregnant, their policy wouldn’t refund our tickets. But I could re-book… for a fee, of course. And the JFK run to Martinique stops after April.

So, here I am, another Senior Solo trip about to happen. A week ago Upstate New York was the coldest place in the lower 48 (20 below zero according to the weather app on my phone). Although we’re above zero now, I’m anticipating flying to a place that’s in the low 80s F.