Relaxing Day at Gardenos Beach

The Sabbath seemed an appropriate choice for a more restful day with no driving around. I had a leisurely breakfast on my balcony… banana, orange, pastry, sour cherry juice  (love that stuff, will have to look for it back in the States).


Spent time down at the beach…which featured the most people I’d seen yet. One of the tavernas had put out some more tropical shaded umbrellas with blue beach chairs underneath. I again ate at Taverna Julia… I’ve become a regular this week.


My sleep pattern has been messed up…between the flight over & 7 hour time zone difference. An afternoon nap was calling me back at the studio apartment late afternoon. I heated up leftovers to eat for dinner + Greek Salad.  What better place to eat Greek salad than its country of origin? They put in nice blocks of feta cheese instead of little dribbles sprinkled on.


The clouds in the forecast rolled over us early evening & brought light showers of rain. When just intermittent drops were falling, I walked back down to the beach, loving the freshly washed air smell. My last evening to listen to the waves, enjoying my wine & coffee at Taverna Julia.


The walk back was a bit cool; luckily I’d brought down my fleece. Swallows were flying around in the dusk,  or perhaps more active due to the recent rain.
I climb into bed at dusk, ready to read on my Kindle. Can’t believe it’s already my last night in Greece.


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