Last Morning in Greece

After clouds last night, it’s again another sunny day on Corfu. The temperature last night got to a low of 61, high is supposed to be 76F. I decide to wash my hair in the shower and let it dry naturally. In flip flops I stroll down tge road, take the wooden bridge across the creek, and head for the water. The sun feels warm but the breeze feels cool as I walk on the beach for my last time. The wet sand is cool and in places I sink in, almost like quicksand. It’s tricky to avoid the incoming waves…it looks like high tide is about at peak.


Another couple appear & stroll down by the waves. A handiman is putting together more beach umbrellas with lounge chairs beneath them. The restaurants are expecting numbers to pick up. I’m glad I was here when it was quiet & not crowded.


I watch the waves and a small fishing boat come in. After an hour I decide to buy a Coke from the snack stand.

I had juice earlier, and another tasty bakery treat for breakfast -that fillo dough used in baklava done up as a tiny sweet roll. After this trip is over I need to get off sugar!


Reluctantly I finish my drink and begin the 10 minute walk uphill. I’m mostly packed…just want to change to more comfortable clothes to travel in,  and load my suitcase in the rental car.
I say goodbye, telling Spyros how much I loved my stay & I want to come back.


With about an hour of spare time, I head up the highway to check out Marathias Beach & the Karma Cafe. The beach is farther off the highway than I’d expected, and the place is built up with more lodging, outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, a bier garten… The Karma Cafe Creperie is right on the beach, loudly playing some kind of techno-disco music, which I ignore for the sake of indulging in a chocolate & fresh strawberry thin pancake. Besides water to drink I order a caramel milkshake. I definitely need to give up sugar when I get home. I’ll let go of gluten as well, but if I’m going to give into gluten, it will be with a chocolate & strawberry crepe on a Greek beach.


Now I head back up the highway to Kerkyra, remembering to top off the gas tank before I get to the airport & turn in the rental car. The airport is small but long… it takes me awhile to figure out British Airways is way down at the opposite end from Aegean Airlines. But this time check in & security go smoothly. Soon it will be time to board & I’ll wave goodbye from the air in my windowseat.
I have loved my trip to Greece & feel renewed.


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