Corfu By Sea

I would have preferred sailing around the Ionian Islands, but a day trip from Gouvia to Kassiopi on the Madalena was next best.
I caught the 1st trip of the season, leaving Friday May 8th at 10:30 AM & returning about 7 hours later. The trip up the north coast points out several beaches – like Ipsos – and other points of interest, like a church or hotel.


I love sailing. I am never seasick, but love the motion of a boat on water. I’ve also realized that my spring hay fever is almost nil when out on the water, even though I suffer sneezes & swollen sinuses & itchy eyes on land. Besides, looking from the sea back at the seashore is breathtaking.

The 2 hour stop at Kassiopi on the northeast part of Corfu gives enough time to explore the village & eat lunch. I walked the narrow street behind the waterfront up towards the hills. I resisted tourist traps with junky souvenirs, but to my delight, found a clothing store that sold palazzo style flowing pants – in a favorite color of coral.

I again chose a waterfront cafe & Greek Salad with chicken souvlaki. What better scenery than watching waves roll in & sunlight sparkling across the sea.

We met back at the boat at the appointed time & began motoring south, with 2 leisurely stops for swimming. An older woman from Antwerp, Belgium & I were the only ones choosing to stay on board & not get wet. We had a great visit instead.

Captain Spyros was very outgoing, friendly & funny. He let the 3 small boys on the boat take turns behind the captain’s wheel. He played Greek music, danced, and teased us. My Belgium friend said she & her husband had been coming back for 15 years and become friends.

Spyros said his father & grandfather before him ran the boat tour business, and that he’d grown up in Gouvia. There’s apparently a bit of job stagnation on Corfu, without much new job opportunity, so sons follow in their father’s footsteps. Spyros’ son Stephanos & nephew Costa were on the trip & helped serve drinks & land the boat.

22 euros for the day… shoot, it costs more than that to see a movie in NYC!


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