Kerkyra – Old Corfu

Corfu is the British name given when it was a protectorate in the 1800s… they “let” the Ionian Islands join Greece in the mid 19th c. Kerkyra is the local name, and where my flight came in.


The Old Town has such narrow streets that no motor traffic is allowed. Foot traffic only. Which means literally lots of foot traffic for all the tourist shops.
I did go to St. Spyridon Church… beautiful icons, creepy story about the relics of the saint. I lit a candle  & said a prayer for the Greek economy  (although admittedly my USD buying power in euros spent in Greece is certainly in my favor).


The esplanade area was lovely, and at parking was relatively easy to find (again, the very start of tourist season…I hate to think of crowds in July).


The old fortress area was fun to explore. I was puzzled at the Grecian columned St. George Church until learning it had been built by the Brits in 1840 (so icons had St. George & his dragon instead of usual Greek Orthodox saints!)



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