Agios Gordios Beach, Kaiser’s Throne, Paleokastritsa Beach, Holy Mother Monastery


On my 2nd full day on Corfu, I decided to head up to Kaiser’ throne. On the way, I stopped at Agios Gordios to check out the beach and to grab some brunch. The beach had good reviews and looked like it had nice sand. There is some kind of scenic black rock pointing out of the ocean on the southern end. There were already quite a few tourists all over.. ad this is just the beginning of tourist season. There were a few restaurants and cafés to choose from to get something to eat.. although a couple hadn’t opened yet (for the season). I ended up getting a crepe at Fast Food Creperie Massa – sitting at a table just off the street. They are apparently known for their waffles and crêpes; since it was brunch time and I hadn’t yet eaten, I indulged in a fresh strawberry and white chocolate crepe. Yummmm….

Next I headed to Pelekas to see Kaiser’s Throne. I had a twisty drive over the mountains and also drove through the mountain village of Sinarades. One review I read said that Sinarades was a scenic village worth walking through. Driving through scared me half to death… it was my first experience with extremely narrow streets, room only for 1 car to pass through, having to yield to oncoming traffic and back up if necessary, having to turn tight corners around buildings that jut into the street… Besides the road going up into and down out of Sinarades is narrow, hairpin turns, steep drop offs with no guard rails. I resolved from then on to stick to the main highways on Corfu, then broke my promise to myself as every place I wanted to visit each day involved some kind of rural route on a twisty, scary road.

Kaiser’s throne did have some great views… although it was hazy in the distance that day. I enjoyed a conversation with a Greek photographer who was scouting out places to take an American tour group the next day. Several reviews I read said to visit at sunset, but here’s no way I’d want to drive those narrow roads getting out of there after dark. The middle of the day worked just fine for me, thank you very much.


The Greek photographer advised me to see Paleokastritsa Beach. Since Trip Advisor reviews also ranked it as a top attraction on Corfu, I went ahead. Wow, incredibly beautiful beaches – more than one – I was tempted but didn’t spend the money on a boat ride around the area. The beaches are rocky, not sandy, and the rocks are a little slippery moving out into the water. I overheard a girl complain of the cool water temperature but it felt lukewarm to me (mid May).


While I was there, I left my car parked at the beach area and walked up to the Blessed Mother monastery. I wasn’t sure about parking at the top, although it turned out I could have found a place. There were several tour buses at the top. Let me be clear – I dislike large tour buses coming at me, or behind me, or ahead of me on the narrow, twisty roads of Corfu. But I am perfectly willing to add myself to a tour and listen to what the guide has to say about an old church and monastery. The interiors of Greek Orthodox churches are filled with beautiful iconographic paintings and expensive looking chandeliers and fixtures. I heard an explanation of some of the features of the church and monastery meant to deal with the dangers of siege. Also, the rational as to why women were not allowed to sit on the main floor with the men… supposedly to protect them.

I appreciated getting to see the church, and got tickled at seeing cats all over…until I realized the feline population was out of control & some serious spaying & neutering is desperately needed.


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