Gardenos Beach & Julia Taverna


Villa Angelika is just a couple hundred km from Gardenos Beach, about a 10 minute walk. I’ve gone down there every evening since I came. There are very few people yet. There is a Snack Bar that might be open during the day, but only 1 of the 2 restaurants on the beach is open yet – Julia Tavern. I ate the Tuesday evening and have gone back every evening at sunset for a glass of white wine and Greek coffee with cinnamon (Kane, while I listen to the sound of the waves rolling in.


My wine glass is poured almost to spilling over with white wine…I keep thinking of New York, where white wine is barely poured more than the level for red wine, even through red is supposed to “breathe” in a larger goblet while white wine is supposed to be served chilled and with a full glass. The charge for my generous glass of white house wine and Greek coffee varies from 2-3 euros, depending on who is there. I have been the only one in the establishment… the season is just beginning. I always leave a 2 euro tip.


My dinner there was really, really good – Greek chicken; Greek salad. I seem to be addicted to Greek Salad. What better place to eat it than the country of origin! I never remember having feta cheese when I lived in the Rocky Mountains in the 1990s; but upstate New York has lots of Italians and Greeks, so feta cheese became a staple in my house.  The portions were huge – think of an Olive Garden salad meant for 4 people in a large bowl for just one person to eat. Think, of generous amount o chicken and potatoes fries. Think 4 large slices of bread… ahh, man it reminded me of San Francisco sourdough. I took half my meal back to my studio apartment to eat for dinner the next day. Neither the waitress the 1st night nor waiter the next day speak very good English, but since I’m doing good to say “calipers” which I think means good evening, as long I communicate what t I want to eat and drink , it’s all good.


The fact that Taverna Julia is on the beach, yet away from large tourist areas makes it worthwhile to stop in.. and the food is good.


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