Unspoiled Greek Seaside – Gardenos Beach


Villa Angelika was everything I hoped it would be.  Traditional building style, small but tasteful & clean. Everything one needs, small fridge, 2 burner stove, dishes and cookware, small bathroom with shower, 2 seat dinette, twin beds, desk, wardrobe, TV mounted on wall – I haven’t turned it on. “Who wants to watch TV when they’ve come to explore a
Greek island?” There is a shaded pergola where one can eat outdoors – and an outdoor oven for grilling. Lemon trees are next to the building along the cliff slide – not small uninform looking lemons I find in American stores, but large, lopsided things that prove perfect to squeeze on souvlaki and other Greek food.


View out the balcony is of hillside dotted with houses and vegetation the sea in the distance (600 meters or 10 minute walk to beach).


Online, Gardens Beach was described as sandy, less touristy, although there are 2 tavernas. Beautiful cliffs dropping steeply to ocean. I only pass 4 other people on beach this early in the season. The beach has some litter, but I am told by someone it still has to be cleaned up for the season.

The temperature, I was told, was supposed to get to 27 C. My smart phone detects 81 degrees F. by late afternoon. I am enchanted by this place where I cannot speak the language.



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