Mont Vernon Pool and Orient Beach

The Mont Vernon condos boast an amazing swimming pool right above Orient Beach, with an amazing view. Just gorgeous, lots of seating, 2 sides to the pool – one deeper for more serious swimming, the other side more shallow where kids liked to play. There is a bridge across the middle.


From a corner of the pool area is direct access to Orient Beach. It’s easy to take a beach chair down and hang out right on the beach and contemplate the waves. Or walk down the beach towards beach bars and sporting outfits. During the afternoon there are folks out para-sailing, motor boating, etc. The Mont Vernon end is quieter, easier to just appreciate the natural beauty.


Farther south on Orient Beach, around a point, is a beach intended for au naturelle. “No photos!” is posted. Since Orient Beach is part of French Antilles, it is quite common for French women to let the sisters swing free instead of containing them in a bathing suit top. But what I discovered on my last morning when I finally got up in time to walk right after dawn, is that early in the morning the beach front becomes a parade of walkers and runners… most of them old, many of them stark naked. I had to time my own walk down the beach so that my view ahead was not of some old guy’s behind… And I had to avert my eyes whenever some guy approached letting his cajones get aired out for the day. Not attractive.


But the beach itself, the water, the sky and clouds, were all mesmerizing. I wasn’t there to people watch but to re-connect to nature. So inspiring!


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