A Day Late and $200 Short

Best laid plans… I missed a day of my vacation in St. Martin, flying in on Tuesday rather than Monday. For the 3rd week in a row, NYC got a winter storm on Sunday – Monday. Not as bad as Boston, but enough to cancel flights or warn flights might be cancelled. Enough to make driving Sunday evening through Monday evening hazardous… A headline Tuesday morning in NYC exclaimed someone was killed in traffic in NJ due to the ice storm.

Jet Blue offered me the option of changing my flight free of charge, but I’d been hoping my flight would still be able to take off.  However, my travel plans had been to stay with a friend at the edge of Queens, and she was supposed to drive me to the airport Monday morning. It was so icy I never made it there Sunday night. When I got into the city to see my 2 grown daughters at dinner time, I miraculously managed to find a parking space in Inwood – but the car had to be moved Wednesday. I thought about trying to drive to the airport myself and paying for parking (expensive), but I was too nervous to drive on ice early Monday. So we decided to make a daughter responsible to move the car around and I was to take MTA – mass transit.

Only I didn’t leave early enough and the trip took forever, walking, changing subways, waiting for transfer, missing the Airport link train and waiting for the next. When I finally got to the Jet Blue desk, the flight was closed, it was less than an hour from scheduled departure.

When I retried this morning, this time driving my car and leaving it at Smart Park (a little cheaper than JFK itself), it took me only an hour instead of close to 3 hours travel time. I was literally at the airport 3 1/2 hours before my flight.

But the parking I thought I’d have for free if my car had been at my friend’s driveway, instead is costing $130, and Dollar car rental in St. Martin decided since I needed a car one day less, I should pay more (since I no longer qualified for he weekly rate I’d locked in).

So the delay is costing a couple hundred extra dollars.

But I got to meet my good friend Valesca for a late lunch in downtown Manhattan and I got to spend some more time with my girls. And by the time I really did make it down to St. Martin today, after an extra day in the ice and snow, I have been very appreciative!


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