Why Not Go the Caribbean All By Myself?


Most people travel as a couple. Or with friends. Or with relatives. Or tour groups. But why not go by myself? Just because I’m a woman in my 60s, what’s stopping me?
In the States I travel by myself a lot. Just take off in the car and go. Wow, I’ve got 24 free hours and I can go see the fall colors in the Adirondacks! Or, I need to unwind along the St. Lawrence in the Thousand Islands.
Internationally I’ve planned trips to Scotland with one daughter back in 2008 and to Grand Bahamas with another daughter in 2013. Why not plan something just for me?
When you live in a place that has cold, snowy winters, a warm beach in winter sounds incredibly inviting. I’ve wanted to go to Sint Martin/St. Maarten … something about the dual nationality, middle of the Caribbean, online and in person reports that it is a “must see” island.
My first choice was to travel with a friend… but that wasn’t working out. None of us are quite retired yet. And it’s hard to juggle vacation time from jobs so that time off can happen at the same time.
An advantage of traveling with someone else is that costs are often cut in half – hotel rooms for two, or cruise cabins for two, or sharing a rental car, etc. But surely there had to be a way to travel economically as a single person. I just had to find it.
Thanks to Trip Advisor and Google, I planned to fly from JFK to SXM in February for a week of exploring Sint/St. Martin/Marten.


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