The Benefits of Exercise

July 12th – New fitness regimen… join a gym! Not really. Volunteer as a CAP at a State Park and cover 7 campground loops, picking up trash, cleaning ash from firepits and re-stocking TP in bathrooms. Plus, the added dietary benefit of being 150 miles from my favorite coffee shop with its flavored, sugared, chemicals added coffee. LOL!


Picnic Table Feng Shui

July 11th – Feng shui for outdoor dining is all about placement. The proper placement of the citronella candle is upwind from the place setting, not downwind. Sitting upwind of a citronella candle is not a mosquito free zone. Photo shows proper citronella candle placement after adjustment for wind direction.

Camp Fairies!

So this happened: July 10th, a grandma I had befriended on Loop D and her granddaughter brought me a (wooden clothespin) fairy they had crafted! I thanked them and found a home for her in my flowerpot.

This morning I noticed that they had left another one at D-4. At first I left it alone, but after a few hours moved her to a home on my D-1 campsite. She deserves to be appreciated, and I love having 2 fairies watching over me and Chiquita dog.

CAP Volunteer @ Lakeside State Park

Home, sweet home, July 8-22, Lakeside Beach State Park. D-1, in the middle of 7 loops, is reserved for the CAP volunteer. Heavily shaded, with a glimpse of Lake Ontario through the foliage.
Now instead of just thinking “expletive deleted” about politicians, I also think that when cleaning campfire rings of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cigarette packages, discarded and unburned paper plates along with plastic cutlery, and endless cigarette butts.
But I have met a lot of really nice couples who have been coming here for years, and often their grandchildren. Loops D, E, F & G allow pets, so I also meet dogs and their owners. My dog Chiquita is the cutest by far, but I don’t tell other campers that.

Friday Night Dinner @ Lake Como

July 6th – Friend Pete W. promised me dinner out as a retirement gift. We drove out to Lake Como Inn, and ate outside overlooking the lake, with lovely temps only in 70s. I got one of the last prime rib dinner specials, while Pete had the fish platter. Got ice cream in Homer for dessert on the way home to Cortland. Thanks, Pete!

Friday July 6th

Colleen’s Cherry Tree Inn at Henderson NY, eastern end of Lake Ontario. 1-2-3 breakfast of 1 egg 2 bacon, 3 silver dollar pancakes for $6. Coffee $1.80. I added “very berry” topping to the pancakes & said “sure!” to whipped cream… which also had confetti candy sprinkles. Fast, friendly service in a very busy, full house. What a yummy deal! (2 bacon = 1 for me, 1 for dog). Retirement Day #6.

Hotter than the 4th of July

July 4th… Unusual heat wave across the Northeast with heat index above 100° F. Too hot to go into Alex Bay for the Craft Fair. Instead, drinking margarita wine coolers over ice, with fan blowing on me, reading #secondcivilwarletters on Twitter!

In response to nutjob Alex Jones claiming liberals would start a 2nd Civil War on July 4th, Twitter users spoofed 1860s Civil War letters to report imaginary war scenes, like hiding out in a library where Trumpsters would never find the “libtards” they were after. Great entertainment.